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This top indoor cycling certification is overwhelmingly recommended as 'Excellent' and...

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Performance Cycling is renowned for combining the strongest health and safety base and promoting more variety of teaching and music styles than any other indoor cycling course available.... Now accessible online as well as live!

Darren says... "This online training course is an excellent way of completing the qualification without having to travel far and give up any income by attending a full weekend practical. I believe that the support and feedback is just as good as it would be if student and tutor were face to face.
Excellent feedback and very prompt replies regarding any queries allowed me to qualify in the shortest time possible. Would recommend as excellent - content and presentation too."
With a global reputation for excellence, we are the indoor cycling training provider of choice for quality by Her Majestys Armed Forces and Prison Service personnel as well as freelance instructors and staff from all the top UK health club chains and selective independents in the UK and abroad.


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*Indoor cycling is often referred to and known by many people as Spinning ®, but officially Spinning ® is a trademark created by the Spinning ® originator Johnny Goldberg (Johnny G) In conjunction with cycle makers Schwinn, Johnny G created the first specially built indoor cycle and instructor certification courses, which he trademarked as Spinning ®.

When Spinning ® very quickly became hugely popular other manufacturers began creating their own version of the original Spinning ® bike and associated instructor courses - the quality, duration and content of which are known to vary greatly.

Originally Johnny G worked with Schwinn, so only they officially held the rights to call their courses Spinning ® instructor courses and their classes Spinning ® classes. Later Johnny G moved his Spinning ® instructor training and name to Mad Dogg Athletics and so now only they hold the right to use the Spinning ® name for instructor courses and classes.
Unless you have done the official Johnny G Spinning ® indoor cycling instructor certification you should not call yourself a Spinning ® instructor, or your classes Spinning ® classes.

The term 'indoor cycling' (or similar) should be used to describe all other cycling classes and instructor training courses.

In fact Spinning ®, Spin ® and Spinner ® are all trademarks. Many venues who advertise they run Spinning ® classes or courses or advertise they have a ''Spinning'' or a "Spin" studio, may not always be using the term correctly and may not offer official Spinning ® classes or courses, but instead be using the term to cover any use of fixed gear indoor bikes in a group cycling class format.

Whilst we would not encourage you to use the words Spinning ® or Spin ® to describe classes, courses, studios or yourself as an indoor cycling instructor unless you have done the official Spinning ® instructor certification, it is our experience that when asking about 'indoor cycling classes' or 'indoor cycling courses', very often venues and staff initially say 'No, we don't have that here' but if you then go on to ask the same person if they have 'Spinning ® classes or courses' there, the answer is often 'Yes, we do Spinning here'
All 'Indoor Cycling' instructors, do be aware of this when looking for classes and work or you might find you are missing out by not applying at centres who tell you they don't have indoor cycling there, when really they do, it's just that they only recognise 'indoor cycling' as Spinning ®'!