To help you shine as an instructor, the Performance Cycling Instructor course includes...

How to screen clients properly for indoor cycling suitability

Detailed bike set up and options, plus coaching beginners to set up effectively

Performing and coaching the essential indoor cycling base and advanced moves/techniques used

Safe, advanced choreography and creative teaching variations

How to identify and rectify potential problems in order to maximise gain and minimise risk for equipment as well as anatomy!

Selecting moves and adapting for different levels of cycling skill and fitness

Putting different classes together - including class design, preparation and format, take away choreography and classes ready to teach immediately and never be short of ideas!

How to avoid the mistakes made by many less educated indoor cycling instructors

When and where to incorporate suitable stretch options

How to source, choose and use music most effectively for group indoor cycling

Psychological impact of different teaching styles

Effective communication and advanced teaching skills

Legalities, especially insurance and music issues and practical solutions

How to positively prepare yourself for your teaching role and develop within it

Essentials of anatomy and physiology, including energy systems, principles of training, fitness theory overview and biomechanical considerations in relation to indoor cycling

Written(L1) and practical(L2) assessments

The live and online course contents are as close as the different formats allow

All our Instructors also benefit from an exclusive VIP Instructor Membership with support, updates, marketing, promotional and reward opportunities on passing too!

"It's a 'no brainer', for quality and value, there is no better option available than Performance Cycling!"

Delivery options:

2 day live course - Engaging mix of practical and theory. Written and practical assessments completed in the latter part of the second day.
Live courses are held regularly at approved locations and can be brought to your venue subject to numbers and facilities. Contact for details.

Online format, two levels to accomodate instructor requirements worldwide. Start now, no waiting, no travel. 100% online with expert, personal tutor support.

Accredited by NASM and AFAA Maximum CIMSPA accreditation for indoor cycling

Certificate issued within 2 days on completion

Performance Cycling Essentials Plus (L1 Group Indoor Cycling) certificate is accredited by NASM and AFAA for more points than Spinning,ICG, Stages and more.
Performance Cycling Pro (L2 Coach) is accredited by CIMSPA for the maximum points available for indoor cycling.
This certification is open to all from non instructors to experienced.

Dave says... "The online course was great for convenience around my already busy work schedule. The course content and support was excellent and would recommend anyone wanting to become a spinning instructor to check out Performance Cycling :)"