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Performance Cycling Instructor Certification Review - Benjamin Becker - California

Posted by ocadminstrata2 07/07/2016 0 Comment(s) Instructor Reviews,

The full training review from Performance Cycling Level 1 Instructor Ben in California was..."I thought it was well organized and presented. I liked all the different sections with short videos and quiz questions to test my retention of information.
I wanted a certification, but more importantly I wanted to really learn from the course - and I really feel confident in the knowledge I gained.
I don't usually like to study, but I actually enjoyed this course because it was interesting to me."


Instructors are asked to grade the training in 5 specific areas - Value, Content, Presentation, Assessments and Support. 

This instructors overall score in all these is shown below:

Ben rated the course 5 Stars - Excellent

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