About T-BOW ® fitness

T-BOW® is a totally unique and versatile fitness product which offers great cardio, balance, strength, toning, flexibility and coordination in one fun session for home use, classes and personal training.

Created by Swiss physiotherapist and aerobic dance champion Sandra Bonacina, T-BOW® can be adapted easily for all ages and all fitness levels.

You can do more with T-BOW® than with any other single piece of kit available - You can train the heart and circulatory system as well as increasing balance, coordination, strength and flexibility. It is lightweight and can do the job of a stability ball, step, wobble board, bands or weights, a bench and more all in one!

T-BOW® can be used lengthways, crossways and upside down, also with or without optional resistance bands making it a truly universal exercise tool for training and therapy. Because the shape of the T-BOW® is designed to fit the curvature of the human body, as well as offering correct support it also gives multiple options for increasing the range of movement for more effective body training, particularly helpful for many back problems.

Plus it stores away easily after use and can be stacked 30 high where needed - great for clubs short of space!

T-BOW® can add new motivation, fitness challenges and fun for you and for clients as well. It can be used in a whole range of exercise classes from pure T-BOW® classes to pilates, yoga, circuit, stretch, childrens sessions, seniors as well as sports performance training.

Now being launched in the UK and around the world - see T-BOW® in action with footage from the International Fitness Showcase below...

See www.t-bow.net for the latest on T-BOW® globally

and here for a great selection of videos of T-BOW® in action

About T-BOW ® fitness

T-BOW® home package

Give your fitness a boost now with the T-BOW® home training package -

T-BOW®, home training DVD and resistance bands

T-BOW® home workout DVD

Already got a T-BOW®?

Then get this new home workout DVD with the originator Sandra Bonacina!

As well as a full workout with warm up, cardio, cardio balance, toning and stretch sections, you could also learn some new language skills whilst working out as the coaching on this video is given in both English and German

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Feedback from the T-BOW® course, taught by Debbie Kneale

'I never thought I would learn as many different exercises using T-BOW® and that it would be as much fun. I can't wait to practice and teach it at my club. I think the T-BOW® will become very popular as a personal training tool and for group exercise'

'The day was well put together, fun and educational experience. The teaching methods used were uplifting and motivational. 5 stars!'

'Only a few times in your life you feel like you're about to start a whole new adventure where the sky is the limit. This is exactly how I feel at the end of the day' Click here for our new shop and other products