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Debbie Kneale - Indoor Cycling Instructor Training and Mentoring - Live and Online

"It came highly recommended by the other instructors. And the owner of the gym said that is the training she would like me to take."
- Connie - Ontario, Canada
"I wanted to add indoor cycling to my list of studio fitness qualifications. As it's always hard to get classes covered and family life I looked at online courses and found Performance Cycling. Being recognised by REPS, reviewing the reviews I choose Performance Cycling. So pleased I did. :-D"
- Louise - Norwich, UK
"The support was tremendous. It made sure I fully understood everything."
- Lisa - Massachusetts, USA
"The sheer detail of course, it meant that I gained a lot of knowledge and already started applying it to my sessions. - Immense training"
- Sam - Devon, UK
"I chose this on line training course, due to good recommendations by a colleague. I have completed many online courses, however this one was the most enjoyable. I was so impressed. I couldn't find anything that I needed to know that wasn't covered in the course. I will be recommending it further in our Fitness Industry."
- Gina - New South Wales, Austalia
"An excellent insight into and the skills to provide a quality stationary fitness programme for beginners and more advanced athletes. I have found the online course to be of a high standard and easy to use and follow."
- Steve - Royal Navy, UK
"The course covered all aspects from stretches to bike set up and safety, muscle used and more than I expected to cover which is a good thing. The course was in-depth and easy to understand."
- Donna - Saudi Arabia
"I was looking for a professional course, that encompassed all aspects of indoor performance cycling. While aware of the "Spinning" courses and brand, I felt that the online course with yourselves was a better route to go down after further research. Having now done it - Quite simply the best online indoor cycling course at any price."
- Steven, London, UK
"I am a road cyclist, I know how to ride and push myself hard I had been to "Spinning" indoor cycling classes before I did this course but found out they I had been doing many things incorrect. While i was doing this course my road cycling improved my training became more focused and i found that because i was now doing things correct my results were also improving."
- Martin Y. - Denmark
"The course taught me how to get ready for the cycling classes as a participant and how to prepare myself as an instructor. It also taught me what are the points I have to focus on as an instructor during the class. I would like to thank you very much for all the support, the prompt responses to my emails and the wonderful course. I really enjoyed studying with You"
- Edyta L. Poland
""I chose this course because it was on-line and the Perfomance Cycling Name is known for excellent training. All of it was excellent, however, Debbie went over and above what she needed to do to insure that I understood the content, which I liked . She was excellent in instructing and sharing information."
- Kimberley Y. - USA