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Performance Cycling Instructor Course (Online)

"While aware of the "Spinning" courses and brand, I felt that the online course with yourselves was a better route to go down after further research. Having now done it - Quite simply the best online indoor cycling course at any price"
- Steven S. - London, UK
"I was so impressed. I couldn't find anything that I needed to know that wasn't covered"
- Gina J. - Australia
"Not boring like most online training!"
- Lily O.- UK
"Tutor support was truely awesome"
- Jill P. - Kuwait
"Different from spinning method... Using music rythm in cadence... More feeling of instructor.. More understanding.."
- Amira R. - Cairo, Egypt
"... impressed with everything, from the initial emails before booking, prompt replays to emails, all done with a positive vibe ! Excellent all round !"
- Paul - Dorset, UK
"Support was exceptional - prompt response and feedback to questions or concerns."
- Nicole - Florida, USA
"The sheer detail of course, it meant that I gained a lot of knowledge and already started applying it to my sessions - Immense training"
- Sam - Devon, UK
"It came highly recommended by the other instructors. And the owner of the gym said that is the training she would like me to take."
- Connie - Ontario, Canada
"The course taught me how to get ready for the cycling classes as a participant and how to prepare myself as an instructor. It also taught me what are the points I have to focus on as an instructor during the class. I would like to thank you very much for all the support, the prompt responses to my emails and the wonderful course. I really enjoyed studying with You."
- Edyta L - Poland
"I am a road cyclist, I know how to ride and push myself hard I had been to "Spinning" indoor cycling classes before I did this course but found out they I had been doing many things incorrect. While i was doing this course my road cycling improved my training became more focused and i found that because i was now doing things correct my results were also improving"
- Martin Y. Denmark
Performance Cycling Instructor Course (Online)

Looking to certify, or recertify in indoor cycling and want a credible, high quality training you can trust?


Debbie Kneale and Performance Cycling have been raising standards for indoor cycling instructors since 2001 live and online since 2009.

Join us and get more content, flexibility and support than brands like Spinning and RPM - We cost less than either too.


Top reasons to choose us:


✔ Flexibilty and convenience -  24/7 access for a full 6 months as standard. Content works on all devices. Login anytime anywhere with internet connection and review as often as you like. Complete as quickly as you want to. (Some have completed Essentials Plus in just 2 days, but it is not a race!) Extension is also possible if needed.

✔  Choice of certification levels to suit individual requirements - Start with Essentials Plus, (Equivalent to Spinning etc) then progress to Pro if desired.

✔  Fully accredited  -  Essentials Plus (PCL1) is accredited by NASM and AFAA for more CEU's than other indoor cycling courses including Spinning, Stages etc. (.9 for NASM and 9 for AFAA) Our Pro Instructor (PCL2) is accredited by CIMSPA for the maximum available points (10)

✔  Recognised worldwide - Chosen by instructors in over 40 countries to date.

✔ Quality guaranteed - Unmatched 100% recommendation rate with consistent '5 star - Excellent' ratings from instructors worldwide. (Real ratings and reviews given by instructors on completion and kept for reference.)

✔ Credibility - Not just a 'tick box' certification, or just a live course, filmed and chopped up for online delivery. Instead the course is expertly designed for all learning styles with more content, personal support and robust assessments.

✔ Confidence - As well as all the above, course creator Debbie Kneale, will answer your questions personally and give individual feedback, so you can be confident you both know and understand what you need to teach safely and effectively. 

✔ Constantly updated - To keep you ahead and make learning easy, enjoyable and relevant for all, even for self confessed 'technophobes' with no prior online learning experience.

✔ Security - We have been an independent, specialist indoor cycling training provider since 2001 live and 2009 online, with a reputation for excellence throughout. So you can be assured we are not going to disappear, like so many others have. (We also have no debts, so will not end up in the position Spinning currently are!)

✔ Certificates issued within 1 day of completion and backed up by web authentication. (No waiting up to 3 months like other providers!)

✔ Ongoing support, refreshers, marketing, personal gym introductions, promotion opportunities, instructor rewards and more once qualified - helping you start ahead and stay ahead, in the most flexible, convenient and cost effective way.


PS - It's not about the metrics! Performance Cycling is about making sure instructors are fit to perform, adapt and progress, so riders of all abilities are successful and included, every session!

Forces personnel - Standard Learning Credits (SLC's) can be used towards this training, contact us for completed forms stating which package you wish to purchase (see dropdown under price)

Companies - Get in touch to discuss training for your staff - live, online, or at your venue.

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Unmatched, 100% recommendation rate and consistent 5 star - Excellent ratings - chosen by instructors in over 40 countries to date.

Popular alternative to Spinning and RPM with more choreography than Spin, more music choice than RPM and costs much less than both!

Recognised worldwide and Accredited by NASM, AFAA and CIMSPA

✔ 100% online with a generous 6 months enrolment as standard. (Extension possible if required.)  

✔ Enrolments actioned and login sent same day (For bookings before 4pm GMT)

✔ Consistently rated 'Excellent - 5 stars' by instructors worldwide

✔ Personal support from industry expert and course creator Debbie Kneale included. 

✔ Interactive quizzes, unique to Performance Cycling - a fun way to check as you go

✔ Pro Instructor includes (an optional) video link progress check session with Debbie in person via Skype/Whats App/Zoom

✔ Available on Desktop, Laptop and iPad/Tablet

✔ For quality assurance - Manual marking and personal individual feedback within 3 days of online assessment submission - no one does it faster!

✔ Future proof - Free Instructor VIP support package for the 1st year included with certificate, refreshers, updates, marketing and promotional materials and more.

✔ Certificates issued within 48 hours on completion. (No waiting up to 12 weeks like many providers)

✔ Our techniques and guidelines can be applied safely on any brand of fixed gear bike including Keiser, Pulse, Star Trac, Schwinn, Reebok, Spinner ® and more.

✔ We are passionate about providing you with the very best, high quality, individual learning and support as instructor reviews confirm. (See Reviews tab)

100% online. NO LIVE ATTENDANCE REQUIRED for either level.


Order both levels together and get our PREMIUM PACKAGE FREE for even GREATER VALUE!

Our most popular PREMIUM PACKAGE gives you BOTH LEVELS PLUS our printed, spiral bound course manual and HIIT CD by post FREE* - a value of £25

Printed course manual by postHIIT CDOur Pro (PCL2) printed course manual is a must have 'bible' for teaching Performance Cycling with over 40 pages, including pictures and full coaching points for all moves.

Great for instant referral and 'offline' reminders during your study as well as an invaluable source of reference afterwards.

Our HIIT CD comes with audio ideas for use, so you are all set to go.

*Postage payable.



What is the difference between Essentials Plus and Pro Instructor?

Both levels give you the essentials needed to plan and teach indoor cycling on any brand of fixed gear bike including Star Trac, Schwinn, Reebok, Keiser, Pulse, Spinner ® and more. Click here for more details on the differences and decide which is best for you


5 ( 5 / 5 )
I chose this course as I have been teaching indoor cycling for many years and wanted to brush up on technicalities.

Having done spinning, ICG Coach by Color by Life Fitness, Soul Cycle, Flywheel, Swerve, local gyms, Cyclebar, Ryde NYC/DC
I was a bit concerned there wouldn’t be much new for me to learn. But that concern was absolutely overcome on doing it!

It was a great refresher to me, and I even picked up some great bike set up tips!

Great detailed description, class programming based on clientele goals and fitness levels, and big emphasis on how to incorporate proper music energy into class to help fuel the ride.
I appreciate the detail Debbie goes into on bike set up and safety checks.
I love how there is an overview in basic anatomy and using the 3 different energy systems our bodies use in order to program the most efficient ride.

Great course for newbies as well as veteran instructors! There is something to learn for everyone!
5 ( 5 / 5 )
Cannot fault this course. An absolute must, it is a very professional easy to follow course.

The bike set up was valuable even after attending multiple classes which have been taken by various instructors nobody has ever told me how to set up the bike and person to the bike.
I also found the class planning very useful and will be implementing it when I start to instruct.

The only thing I felt under pressure with was the length of time for the assessment, I thought I would have more time at the end to check my answers, but found the clock ticking , that said I managed to answer all the questions.
5 ( 5 / 5 )
I loved the general feel of the training. The fact it brings in the importance of the mind and relaxation.

It looked a very detailed course with high standards. The fact it can be done online is also a huge advantage.

Although i am a qualified physiotherapist, many courses require an exercise to music qualification as a pre-requisite, which i don't have. The fact i didn't need it for this course was also a bonus.

The course is in depth, easy to understand and follow.

A great course for giving you the skills to provide a safe effective class for clients, whilst at the same time giving you ideas for motivating your class to make it fun and enjoyable.
5 ( 5 / 5 )
I would recommend anyone to do this training as you can do in your own time at home especially if you are working another job . Support and resources available are very good.
5 ( 5 / 5 )
My employer chose and paid for this course for me.
Everything was excellent. Nicely done, put into chapters which were easy to follow.

It was most valuable to learn about how to set up the bike properly and it was nice to go through some of the things I learned in the past - refreshing:)

I like the little quizzes at the end of every chapter. They helped a lot with revising for the final assessment.

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